The Urdu Times is an Urdu daily which is published from the commercial capital of India Mumbai. The paper has a strong hold over the Urdu reading people in the city. The newspaper provides news from all spheres such as national, international, business, sports and entertainment. The current editor of the newspaper is Imtyaz Ahmed. The newspaper has been fearless in its reporting and has raised several issues of national concern as well as relating to the Muslim Community. Recently the paper has widely reported on Hindu terrorism. Its correspondents have done a lot of investigation to get some proofs in this matter. This has led to allegations from the Hindu fundamentalists that the newspaper has some political motives and is trying to polarize the society.

The newspaper has raised the issues afflicting the Muslim population in the country. They have raised the problems being faced by the Muslim youths in getting employment opportunities, in getting admissions in educational institutions and other problems. This has made the newspaper popular among the Muslim youths. The newspaper has also vigorously raised the social problems that are being faced by the Muslim community in whole which again has added to the popularity of the newspaper.

In a few of the editorials the newspaper has severely criticized the Muslim fundamentalists especially on the matters of unwanted fatwas which they have been issuing. This stand has angered the fundamentalists and the newspaper ha to bear their ire. It has led to attacks on the offices of the newspaper but they have failed to frighten the newspaper staff and they have continued to fearlessly raise these issues. This has helped the newspaper to win admirers all across the Muslim community. Official Urdu Times Website is

Epaper :

The Urdu Times has its electronic paper edition which can be accessed at Urdu Times Website (Urdu Times Epaper) . The epaper provides international, national, business, sports and entertainment news. The website is very popular among the Muslim community in India and have readership from the Indian expatriates based abroad.

Urdu Times Newspaper

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The newspaper is a leading Urdu daily in Mumbai with a wide readership among all the sections of Muslims in and around Mumbai and provides a chance to the advertisers to target the community. Its epaper gives a chance to send the message across to a large Muslim population all over the country.

Address :

The newspaper is headquartered in Mumbai central and its address is 110/118 1st Floor, Fida House, Duncan Road, Mumbai Central, Mumbai. They can be contacted on 022 – 23065098 or 09323842452.