‘Times of Punjab’ is a newspaper publication that is based in the United States of America. You can find all the latest news in the Punjabi language related to sports, politics, entertainment and business. For natives of Punjab the latest updates on business, fashion, politics, health, cinema, international news and Punjabi films can be found in the Times of Punjab edition.

History of The Times of Punjab :

The Times of Punjab is being published at the same time from the United States of America and Canada a s well. The newspaper is distributed in Texas, Washington, Vancouver, Surrey and California. It is also distributed in various other states in North America.

After Hindi language newspapers, Punjabi newspapers are the next most read papers. The reach of Punjabi newspapers is wide and covers many levels. With Punjabi being used by most people, the newspaper has gained importance and is regarded as an important medium for delivering all the relevant news relating to national, international and local regions. Many people do not have their morning coffee without the edition of Times of Punjab, which features the recent affairs and views explicitly.

The Times of Punjab Online :

The website of Times of Punjab is entirely in Punjabi language and viewers do not need any special Punjabi fonts to read the news featured here. The whole site is in Punjabi and the news featured includes the up to date news related to the state of Punjab. By using the internet, viewers can read the latest Punjabi news and the site is mostly accessed by Punjabi people, as it is in the Punjabi language only. The online edition features more news articles and current affairs than the daily newspaper. All the news published in the online site is acquired from the Punjabi news and information sources. The site can be reached at http://www.thetimesofpunjab.com

Times of Punjab Epaper :

The portal is in the JPG format in image as well as text. The epaper was founded in the year 2000.The registration for viewing the epaper is not required and the cost is also free.

the times of punjab epaper

Times of Punjab Archives :

The archives feature all the news in the last five years that are related to local, nationals as well as international news. Punjabi peaking people find it easy to read the local, as well as international news since it is in their native tongue.

Contact Details :

For contacting the newspaper for further information and enquires you can use the following address and email address.

Full Contact Information:

Sharanjit Singh Bains
The Times of Punjab
Washington, USA
Phone: 323-338-7623
Website: http://www.thetimesofpunjab.com
E-mail: news@thetimesofpunjab.com
Follow us: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Thetimesofpunjab/130562360359648