The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) is an international daily newspaper published in English which completely focus on the business news. In circulation, WSJ is said to be the largest among all the other newspapers in the United States.

History :

During 1880s, Dow Jones & Company made the news bulletins all the day and handed over to the stock exchange traders. Later, the same news was printed in the name of Customers Afternoon Letter. The same was then turned into the present ‘The Wall Street Journal’ by Charles Dow, Edward Jones and Charles Bregstresser, which made its first publication on July 8th 1889. Now, the WSJ is under Dow Jones & company which is a News Corp division.

After 1940, this daily newspaper gained its prominence after Bernard Kilgore was appointed as the managing editor in 1941. He then became the CEO of the company in the year 1945 and served as the employee of the company for nearly 25 years. First Pulitzer Prize (an award for excellence in various categories like newspaper, literature, music and online journalism in the US) was won by the newspaper in 1947 for editorials of William Henry Grime.

Editions :

The Wall Street Journal has its popularity world-wide and the paper is available in the editions named U.S, Asia and Europe. The WSJ has won 39 Pulitzer prizes. The present editor in chief for the newspaper is Gerard Baker.

Epaper and Internet Expansion :

In the year 1996, WSJ has become online and it was then the highest paid-subscription news website. Later the cost was decreased due to fewer subscribers and then maintained accordingly. The digital version of the daily print edition is known to be the Epaper. The digital subscription subscription fee for the WSJ is $272.91 + Tax annually and $12 + Tax for 12 weeks (introductory offer for new customers). The digital package includes Web access, tablet edition, ePaper and app for smartphone.

Circulation :

In the year 1902 the circulation was about 7,000 and by the end of 1920 it reached to 50,000. Bernard Kilgore made the circulation to cross 1 million in his career. As per the sources, for the year 2013, the WSJ had a circulation about 2.4 million copies which includes digital subscriptions of 900,000.

The Wall Street Journal

Advertising :

Advertising in the WSJ is the best choice for the international brands. There are various ad rates for publishing in newspaper, online, mobile, video, magazine and classifieds. For newspapers, advertising prices may differ based on various editions like Asia edition Europe edition, Global edition, central edition, western edition, eastern edition, national edition and regional advertising.

The complete information about rates and specs are available @ WSJ Media Kit

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