The Star-Ledger is an American daily newspaper based in Newark. It is considered as the largest circulated daily newspaper in the New Jersey. This newspaper was owned by the Advance publications along with The Jersey Journal, The Times of Trenton and the State Island Advance.

History –

This newspaper has an interesting story behind its formation. To start with, in the year 1832, The Newark Daily Advertiser was founded and then it turned into Newark Star-Eagle. Then it was combined with the Newark Ledger and the combination was named as Newark Star-Ledger. Later, Newark was removed from its name and it became The Star-Ledger. In the year 1971, The star-Ledger became the leading newspaper in the state and from then it is on high roll. Richard Vezza is the publisher of this newspaper whereas Kevin Whilmer is serving as present editor of this newspaper.

Editions –

The Star-Ledger newspaper covers all the local news in the state as well as the national news. Its editions have quality news which spread all over the state.

Circulation –

The daily circulation of this newspaper is about 316,280, which is more when compared to the other two largest state newspapers and its Sunday circulation is about 455,699 which is even more than the other 3 newspapers in the state.

EPaper and Digital Subscription –

The Star-Ledger newspaper has its website under and covers the entire local to international news. Home-delivery option is also available for the readers along with the digital access. The complete digital access is available up on digital subscription and the prices will vary accordingly. ePaper access is also made available for the subscribers.

the star ledger

Advertising –

As The Star-Ledger newspaper is leading in the state and has large number of readers, so advertising in this newspaper will promote the brand and add value to the product. The prices will be available on the website and should be checked thoroughly before placing an ad.

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Archives - The archives of The Star-Ledger can be seen here.

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Headquarters –

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