The New York Times (NYT) is a daily newspaper in the United States with its head-quarters based at New York. It is the second largest circulated newspaper in the country after The Wall Street Journal.

History :

In the year 1851, September 18th, Henry Jarvis Raymond founded the ‘New-York Daily Times’. Later, the name was changed to The New-York times in the year 1957 and then after 1890, hyphen was removed and the newspaper was called as present ‘The New York times’.

Adolph Ochs of Ochs-Sulzberger family owns ‘The New York Times’ and established the New York Times company. Dean Baquet is the present editor for the newspaper and Andrew Rosenthal is an opinion editor. The New York Times has won 117 Pulitzer prizes until now. The present headquarters building is called ‘The New York Times Building’ and it is referred as the ‘Times Tower’ by most of the people.

Editions :

The New York Times has world-wide readers and has a good readership. The paper prints in various editions like New York Edition and National edition. The international editions are also printed in the name of International New York Times (Europe) and International New York Times (Asia).

Circulation :

It is the 2nd largest circulated daily newspaper in the United States with a daily circulation of 1,379,809 as of 2014 September. Online readers are also very high in number and The New York times website is one of the high visited news sites in the world.

Epaper and Digital Subscription :

The New York Times entered into the digital media in 1996 and was ranked well in the list of top websites. The digital subscription was introduced in 2005 and there have been various changes in rates after that. Digital Subscription prices vary for tablet, web and smartphone. For smartphone and web it is $3.75 a week and for web and tablet it is $5.00 a week and for full digital access the price is $8.75. the rates are subject to change accordingly. The Archive of the Nytimes Are Paid Can Found Here : Nytimes Archive

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Advertising :

Due to its large circulation, the advertisers will get best brand reputation. The cost of advertising rates vary for newspaper, online, mobile, tablet, T magazine and Sunday magazine. The ad rates may change depending up on the editions and sizes.

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Contact Address :

The New York Times Building, 620 8th Avenue,
New York, New York 10018.
Website – www.nytimes.Com

Letters To The Editor Can Be Send To : (New York Time Readers) (The International New York Time Readers)