The Tampa Bay Times is an American daily newspaper based in St. Petersburg, Florida. It is said to be one of the largest publications in the Tampa Bay area.

History –

In the year 1884, a week based newspaper named West Hillsborough Times was founded in Florida. The ownership of the newspaper changes several times and in the year 1898, the newspaper was named as St. Petersburg Times.

In the year 1907, this newspaper used to publish two days a week and then it changed to six days in 1912. Then, it became the daily newspaper which publishes news seven days a week in the year 1912. Recently, on January 1st 2012, the name of the newspaper changed to the Tampa Bay Times. Times Publishing company is the owner of this newspaper and Paul Tash is the resent editor.

Editions –

The Tampa Bay Times covers all the major news in the state through its editions and is considered for its quality news. This newspaper has won 10 Pulitzer prizes.

Circulation –

The daily circulation of the Tampa Bay Times is about 240,024 and on Sundays the circulation will be around 402,229. (The stats of circulation is based on 2011)

EPaper and Digital Subscription –

The newspaper has its own website and it gives access to all the digital content and ePaper for its subscribers. Even the home-delivery option for the newspaper is also available in the website. The prices and the complete details are mentioned in the website and should be checked over there.

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Advertising –

Placing an ad in the Tampa Bay Times will definitely promote the brands value and increases the popularity of the product as this newspaper has good number of valuable readers. The advertising details and media-kit is placed in its website and should be checked thoroughly before placing an ad.

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Archives - You can search the archives of the Tampa Bay Times here.

Contact Address –

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Headquarters –

490 First Avenue South,
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