The Malayalam daily Mathrubhumi is published in the South Indian state of Kerala which is the most literate state of India. The paper is owned by The Mathrubhumi Printing and Publishing Company Limited. The headquarters of the newspaper is in Kozhikode. The group also publishes several magazines which are aimed at various sections of the society from pre-primary children to elders. The publication also publishes its yearbook in Malayalam and English. The present managing director of the paper is M.P. Veerendra Kumar who has been a Union minister and the principal editor is P.V. Chandran.

Over the years Mathrubhumi has played an important role in highlighting the social evils present in the society especially against untouchability. The paper has been strongly taking up social issues and an anti-Communist viewpoint which has helped it to win the trust of its readers especially those belonging to the Congress and helped it to become the second largest read newspaper in Kerala.

History of Mathrubhumi Newspaper :

The newspaper was inspired by the Non-cooperation movement started by Mahatma Gandhi. The first paper was published in 1923 and one of the founders was the freedom fighter K.P. Kesava Menon. It was started as a public corporate which is a rarity in this industry where the trend is to have closely held family units. 5,000 shares of Rs 5 were issued in 1923 and even in the 1990s no single shareholder had more than 225 shares. A bitter struggle for the control of the company took place in 1990s between its present Managing Director M.P. Veerendra Kumar and M.D.Nalapat. Mr. Nalapat then went against the norms and sold his stake to Bennett Coleman & Co and this was looked upon as an attempt by the Times of India group to take over the newspaper but the court invalidated the sale. Mathrubhumi Official Website Is

Editions :

The newspaper is published from 10 places in Kerala namely Thrissur, Thiruvananthapuram, Palakkad, Mallapuram, Kozhikode, Kollan, Kochi, Kannur and Alapphuza. It is also published from Bengaluru, Chennai, Delhi and Mumbai. Looking at the high number of expatriates in the Middle East it also has a Gulf edition.

Circulation :

The paper has a wide audience and prints over 1.3 million prints every day

Epaper :

The electronic version of the newspaper can be accessed at Mathrubhumi Epaper

Mathrubhumi Newspaper

Advertising :

Kerala being the most literate state of India advertisers can use Mathrubhoomi to reach one of the most educated groups of people in the entire country.

Contact Address :


M.J.Krishnamohan Memorial Building,
K.P.Kesavamenon Road,
Pin : 673001,
Phone : 0495 – 236 6655/ 236 6544
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