Kerala Express is an e-paper for people residing in the USA whose native language is Malayalam. The Kerala Express aims at readers who like to keep a tab on the ongoings in the state of Kerala and it involves the daily affairs and the happenings of the state. Also, it focuses on the motives of the various ethnic groups and the people of Kerala. It also provides the people speaking Malayalam in the USA, knowledge of the happening of the country. But it aims at the news that covers race, ethnic cultures and society of the people who speak Malayalam.

The Kerala Express is published in Malayalam. Its editions mainly cover Calicut and Thiruvananthapuram in Kerala and Tamil Nadu. And in the USA, it is mainly published to serve people residing in the Chicago area of the USA. It is a daily E- paper. It can be read online on the website

Kerala Express Newspaper

The Kerala Express is not a registered newspaper though and is distributed free to readers. It is mainly a newspaper supplied across the USA and also is broadcast as the American Malayalee News. It is based on the one-click methodology of the website. It is also available on facbook for readers to read. Its headquarters is located in Thiruvanthanpuram.

Contact Address :

Kerala Express
2050 W. Devon Ave. Chicago, IL 60659
Tel : 773 465 5359