Jai Hind is published in Gujarati and is published from the cities of Rajkot and Ahmadabad in Gujarat. Apart from the newspaper the group also publishes a magazine by the name of Sakhi which is aimed at the women readers. The newspaper has built a trust among its readers with unbiased reporting focusing on the local issues. The newspaper aims to enlighten its readers by raising issues relating to social reforms. The paper covers international, national, business, sports and entertainment news.

History of Jai Hind NewsPaper :

The newspaper was printed first in 1948 in Rajkot. The publisher was Mr. Babulal Shah. The promoter was a great patriot and chose thus chose the name Jai Hind. He wanted to develop a paper which concentrated on the ethics of journalism and the paper sticks to the core value even today. The paper started to publish its Ahmadabad edition in 1962. In 1984 the group launched its magazine Sakhi from both Ahmadabad and Rajkot. The magazine is a woman centric magazine focussing on the issues and interests related to women. This magazine is published on a monthly basis.

Epaper :

The newspaper has its electronic paper edition as well. It can be accessed at www.jaihinddaily.com. At the website you have the option of choosing to read the newspaper or their magazine Sakhi. One can access the archives of the paper dating back to 2003 on the website. The website provides an opportunity to the Gujarati readers all around the world to keep a track on the happenings in Gujarat. One can also download the website application on their Iphones and Android phones. The website reports on national, international, sports, entertainment, and business news. It also contains matrimonial advertisements which give an access to Gujarati population worldwide to look for matches in the state.

Contact Address :

The Rajkot office of the newspaper is located at Jai Hind Press Building which is on the Babubhai Shah road. Their telephone number is (281) – 2440513 & 2448816

The Ahmadabad office of the newspaper is located at Jaihind Press Building which is close to Mithakali on Ashram Road.

Advertising :

The newspaper is one of the leading newspapers in the city of Rajkot in the Saurashtra region of Gujarat. The readers of the newspapers come from all sections of the society providing the advertisers to target a huge audience. The website of the paper is very popular globally and gives an opportunity to target the vibrant Gujarati community all around the world.