The Hartford Courant is a daily newspaper in America which is based in Connecticut. It is said to be the oldest newspaper in the United States. It is the popular newspaper within the state and has good readership because of its quality news.

History –

In the year 1764, October 29th, Thomas Green began the Connecticut Courant weekly newspaper. In the year 1867, Joseph Roswell Hawley bought this newspaper and it became very popular under him. Later in the year 1979, the newspaper was owned by the Times Mirror Company and the newspaper won the Pulitzer Prize in 1992.

Tribune Company became the owner of the Hartford Courant in the year 2000 and is successfully running the newspaper. The newspaper publishes the news in a broadsheet format. Rick Daniels is the publisher of the Hartford Courant and Andrew Julien is serving as the present editor for the newspaper.

Editions –

The Hartford Courant newspaper publishes all the local news of the state and covers the major news out of state. It has various local editions through which it publishes the quality news.

Circulation –

The Hartford Courant has a daily circulation of 128,302 and on Sundays the circulation of the newspaper will be 185,757.

EPaper and Digital Subscription –

The Hartford Courant has its website for online readers and provides updated news. The digital readers have an option to subscription through which they can get the complete access of the website along with the ePaper access. The subscription plans and its prices are mentioned in the website and should be checked before proceeding.

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Advertising –

The Hartford Courant newspaper and its website serve as a good platform for the advertising as it reaches large number of people. The prices of the print version and digital version will vary and should be checked thoroughly before placing an ad with this newspaper.

You can check the advertising details of this newspaper here.

Archives – Check the archives of the Hartford Courant newspaper here.

Contact Address –

Website –

Headquarters –
285 Broad Street,
Hartford, Connecticut, U.S.