Deccan Chronicle is a daily newspaper that is based in Andhra Pradesh, which is the Telugu language speaking state of India. It was launched in the year 1938 in Hyderabad and is now the leading newspaper in Andhra Pradesh. It also holds the honor of taking the fourth place in the most read daily papers in English language published in India.

Deccan Chronicle :

After gaining popularity in Andhra Pradesh, Deccan Chronicle entered the Chennai market in the year 2005. The response to the newspaper in Chennai was spectacular. In just three months of being launched it held sway over nearly half of the English daily newspaper market in Chennai. This incredible upward trend is still continuing now.

The Deccan Chronicle has established a loyal reader club that view the news on politics, business, current affairs and other features with interest. The society pages that deal with art, culture, fashion, lifestyle and films are also avidly read by readers. The publication has a dedicated and ardent team of journalists, who understand the desires of the readers and relate the news accordingly.

Together with its sister publication Asian Age, Deccan Chronicle has done a record printing of over 70,000 copies in an hour. The escalating sales in Chennai from nil number to 2, 95,326 within a year of its inception stand testimony to the remarkable growth of the paper. The circulation in cities like Delhi, Mumbai and Hyderabad also mirror the stupendous success of the editorial team and the marketing strategy employed by the group. The newspaper has supplements like TV guide, Chennai Chronicle, Bengaluru Chronicle and Sunday Chronicle.

The group is owned by the Deccan Chronicle Holdings Limited. It is published from Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. T. Venkattram Reddy and T. Vinayak Ravi Reddy are the co owners of the paper and also hold the franchise for the IPL Deccan Chargers team

Deccan Chronicle Web Presence :

The latest news published in Deccan chronicle can be read online from the site  .The news appears exactly as read on the normal physical paper.

Deccan Chronicle epaper :

The epaper edition of Deccan Chronicle is also available for online readers. It is free but requires the reader to register before viewing the epaper contents online. The site http:/ can be reached for reading the epaper of Deccan Chronicle.

Deccan Chronicle Epaper
Contact Details :

The people at Deccan Chronicle are always ready to help with enquiries and requests and can be contacted at the Corporate Office in the following address:

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