Business Line was launched in the year 1994. It was initially published in broadsheet form. The circulation of the paper is around 185,000 copies. Sundays usually see a whooping rise in the sales of Business Line than during the weekdays.

Business Line :

Business Line is a widely read newspaper in India and faces notable competition from similar business oriented news papers like The Economic Times and also The Financial Express. The Business Line newspaper is published in nearly 17 cities including Bangalore, Coimbatore, Chennai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Hubli, Kochi, Madurai, Mumbai, Mangalore, Noida, Tiruchirapalli, Visakapatnam, Thiruvanathapuram and Vijayawada.

The newspaper is sold at Rs. 4 on weekdays, as well as on Saturdays, while on Sundays it is sold for Rs.5. The competitors Financial Express and The Economic Times price their weekend editions ranging from Rs. 7 to as high as Rs.10. Other business publications like Business Standard and the Mint do not have Sunday editions.

The editor in chief of Business Line is Mr. N. Ram, while Mr. K. Venugopal is the Joint Editor. The staff of the publishing agency consists of journalists, as well as researchers. It is the only publication that has a bureau dedicated to research.

Kasthuri &Sons of the Hindu groups are the owners of the publication. The Hindu is a national newspaper established in 1878. The other publications include Ergo and The Hindu, which is a renowned daily newspaper. Magazines of the Hindu Group include Frontline and Sportstar, which is a magazine dedicated entirely to sports news. There is also a year book titled Indian Cricket released by the Hindu Group of publications. The Hindu group also owns a tele-media company NDTV Hindu.

Business Line online :

The Business Line has been online since the year 1995, when the publication unveiled its website in the month of June. The online publication sees web traffic of about 14 million viewers around the world. The main attraction is the sensex quotes featured in the front page of the site.

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Business Line epaper :

The epaper can be viewed on the web all around the world and is a daily edition. Registration for viewing the paper online is not needed. And charges are also not levied for viewing the paper.

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