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Ajit Jalandhar

The Punjabi daily Ajit Jalandhar is a newspaper which is published from Jalandhar and various other cities in the Indian state of Punjab. The newspaper was started by Sandhu Singh Hamdard. The paper has created a niche for itself in the district of Jalandhar where people prefer it over the national and state papers due to its wide coverage of the local happenings and issues relating to their daily lives. Apart from the local news it also publishes international, national, sports, business, entertainment. The entertainment section of the newspaper is quite popular for its spicy information of the movie industry and fashion. Even the sports section of the newspaper is quite popular among its readers.

The newspaper is also very popular among the NRI Punjabis and is subscribed by a large number of Punjabi based abroad. The present and owner of the newspaper which is also known as Daily Ajith is Barjinder Singh Hamdard who calls the paper ‘Punjab di Awaz’ which means Voice of Punjab in Punjabi. The paper claims that it is the number one paper in the world for Punjabis.

Editions :

Apart from Jalandhar the Newspaper is published from several other cities in Punjab. The cities from where the newspapers are published are the Amritsar, Batala, Bhatinda, Chandigarh, Ludhiana, Mansa, Pathankot, Patiala and Phagwara. It is distributed to nearby towns and villages where it is very popular.

Epaper :

The electronic version of the newspaper is available at www.ajitjalandhar.com. The unique format of the website has made it very popular among the Punjabis throughout the world including countries like United States of America, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates and a host of other nations. To feel the pulse of the people based in these cities the newspaper has its correspondents in all places which have a significant Punjabi population. The website is accessed by Punjabis all over the world to get news about the happenings in their state. The website carries a lot of information about the entertainment which makes it popular among the expatriates who are keen to follow their superstars. The website has attained an alexa ranking of over 43,000 which is commendable for a regional language website.

Ajit Jalandhar newspaper

Epaper Website : http://newspaper.ajitjalandhar.com/

Official Website : http://beta.ajitjalandhar.com/

Advertising :

The popularity of the print edition as well as the online edition makes it a great bet for the advertisers who are keen to tap in the robust Punjabi community.

Address :

The headquarters of the newspaper is at Jalandhar.

Contact Address :

Ajit Bhavan,
Neharu Garden Road,
Punjab, Pin : 144001
Phone : 0181 245 5962

Samyukta Karnataka

Now-a-days, communicating to mass is a vital gun to address. The information has been an integral part of our life. The race for getting everything in demand is a custom need to all. In this process a giant leader comes in front branded as “Samyukta Karnataka”. It is a primer to Kannada news, published regularly in Karnataka. This daily newspaper has its head office in Bangalore and hubli. The publication of daily news is from Bangalore also. It was founded by “loka shikshana trust” during independence. Freedom fighters from the country made it available by putting creativity to journalism. At that time freedom is the main concern to them. So, they scripted the history through their words, passion and dedication by virtue of which “Samyukta Karnataka” captures attention. For the time being it has got 76 years to its date of inception.

Background :

In relation with the ideals, “Samyukta Karnataka” was developed with perception. To create nationalism, patriotism and awareness among mass media this publication was made successful. It was negotiated with responsibility and humour. That is why it gives an active participation in collaborating land, languages and resources of our country. Although it has passed many years its reputation is incredible and erupted to public standing.

Resembling Responsibility :

“Samyukta Karnataka”is the oldest daily in Karnataka. It has undergone with various technological advancements. All information broadcasted to the media via this presence. The wide range of information spectrum can give good scenario .whether it may be health, business, economy, sports or politics it brings you much closer. This edition of “Samyukta Karnataka” will challenge the wave of communication. People find this means of communication very easy to explore because there is no registration and service is free of cost to all. It contains all local coverage and relevant information regarding every aspect.

Samyukta Karnataka Newspaper

According to its popularity, “Samyukta Karnataka” has gone with two more sister publications running. These are karmaveera weekly magazine and kasthuri monthly magazine. You can avail your daily copy in any form, whether you are into the information that will not create any problem. Irrespective of everything, you will get update information.

Moreover you can switch to www.samyukthakarnataka.com to explore your world around. It is published through the twin city Hubli and dharwad. The epaper is published from three cities that are hubli, Bangalore and Karnataka. From anywhere you can get the latest information around the world.

Epaper : http://epaper.samyukthakarnataka.com/t/579

Website: http://www.samyukthakarnataka.com/

Contact Address :

2, K M Cariappa Road, Residency Road,
Fieldmarshall, Bangalore,
Karnataka, Pin : 560025
Phone : 080 – 2227 3265

Times of Punjab

‘Times of Punjab’ is a newspaper publication that is based in the United States of America. You can find all the latest news in the Punjabi language related to sports, politics, entertainment and business. For natives of Punjab the latest updates on business, fashion, politics, health, cinema, international news and Punjabi films can be found in the Times of Punjab edition.

History of The Times of Punjab :

The Times of Punjab is being published at the same time from the United States of America and Canada a s well. The newspaper is distributed in Texas, Washington, Vancouver, Surrey and California. It is also distributed in various other states in North America.

After Hindi language newspapers, Punjabi newspapers are the next most read papers. The reach of Punjabi newspapers is wide and covers many levels. With Punjabi being used by most people, the newspaper has gained importance and is regarded as an important medium for delivering all the relevant news relating to national, international and local regions. Many people do not have their morning coffee without the edition of Times of Punjab, which features the recent affairs and views explicitly.

The Times of Punjab Online :

The website of Times of Punjab is entirely in Punjabi language and viewers do not need any special Punjabi fonts to read the news featured here. The whole site is in Punjabi and the news featured includes the up to date news related to the state of Punjab. By using the internet, viewers can read the latest Punjabi news and the site is mostly accessed by Punjabi people, as it is in the Punjabi language only. The online edition features more news articles and current affairs than the daily newspaper. All the news published in the online site is acquired from the Punjabi news and information sources. The site can be reached at http://www.thetimesofpunjab.com

Times of Punjab Epaper :

The portal is in the JPG format in image as well as text. The epaper was founded in the year 2000.The registration for viewing the epaper is not required and the cost is also free.

the times of punjab epaper

Times of Punjab Archives :

The archives feature all the news in the last five years that are related to local, nationals as well as international news. Punjabi peaking people find it easy to read the local, as well as international news since it is in their native tongue.

Contact Details :

For contacting the newspaper for further information and enquires you can use the following address and email address.

Full Contact Information:

Sharanjit Singh Bains
The Times of Punjab
Washington, USA
Phone: 323-338-7623
Website: http://www.thetimesofpunjab.com
E-mail: news@thetimesofpunjab.com
Follow us: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Thetimesofpunjab/130562360359648

The Hindustan Express

The Hindustan Express newspaper is created with the sole purpose of serving the Urdu speaking people in India. It is a top quality Urdu language daily newspaper. The editing and the management of the newspaper are done by eminent persons noted for their Urdu proficiency and they excel in their respective fields. The newspaper is targeted at the Urdu language reading community that is spread all over India. The specific target is the Muslim population in the Northern states of India.

About The Hindustan Express :

Hindustan Express is well known for the various excellent opportunities it provides for advertisers who want to market their products to people who want to purchase them. It is also the only Urdu language newspaper that is devoted to focus on the economic issues that affect the people in a significant and vital way. It is now viewed as the only choice for industrial houses, as well as business establishments for reaching out to the Urdu speaking population that extend from Kashmir state in the North to Kanyakumari in the southern part of India. The newspaper publishes all updated news in the Urdu society, as well as national and internationally relevant news.

Hindustan Express Online :

Delhi based Hindustan Express launched its web edition in 2006. In a short period of time it has gained huge popularity and it can now be viewed from www.dailyhindustanexpress.com The site is fresh and vibrant. The fonts are lucid and the Urdu script is familiar to Indian readers. The editor is Khalid Anwar, while Sohaib Ahmad is the publisher and printer of the newspaper.

Hindustan Express Epaper :

The epaper of Hindustan Express is also available online. Readers can enjoy reading the latest news in Urdu language in the site. Registration is needed particularly and the epaper can be viewed daily for free after an account is created online. The epaper can be seen at http://www.dailyhindustanexpress.com/

The Hindustan Express Epaper

Hindustan Express Archives :

The archives of the Hindustan Express Newspaper can be seen at its official website and the readers can access news articles and information printed in the newspaper, since its online presence was established.

Contact Details :

The newspaper has carved a name for itself in widespread advertising and news related to economic policies and growth. Advertisers who want to market their products online can contact the newspaper head quarters or contact the website online for details.

For enquiries relating to advertising and new article and other information the newspaper can be contacted at

The Editor in Chief,
G-79, Tower Building,
Kalindi Kunj road,
New Delhi- 110025

The Financial Express

The Financial Express is an English language newspaper published in India featuring business news. The Indian Express group has been publishing this business edition from the year 1961. The Financial Express features current business news related to India as well as international news. Financial updates are also included.

The Financial Express :

The Financial Express is a long standing newspaper and has been leading in sales since its launch in 1961.The paper has played a significant role in the breakdown of control aided Indian economy to a free market endeavor with merit as the basis. The unbiased position of the paper on economic policies in the country as well as globally has made it a leading business daily. The newspaper is included in The Indian Express Group, which has other newspapers like The Indian Express, Loksatta which is a Marathi Daily, Jansatta, a Hindi daily, Lokprabha, a weekly magazine and also Screen, an entertainment edition.

The newspaper has links with The Economist of London and also The Financial Times, so that its articles are featured exclusively on a co-branded page, as well as in the open edition section. Eleven editions of the newspaper in English language are published from cities like Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Chandigarh, Delhi, Coimbatore, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Kochi, Pune, Mumbai and Lucknow. The newspaper also has a Gujarati edition published from the capital of Gujarat, Ahmedabad. The headquarters is located in New Delhi, while there are branches all over the country.

Supplements include Brandwagon, which is published every Tuesday and specializes in advertising and marketing and various other supplementary editions on all days of the week. The newspaper had many distinguished editors like R.Jagannathan, Mythili Bhusnurmath, Dr. Sanjaya Baru and Sandipan Deb. At present M.K.Venu occupies the post of Managing editor of the Business edition.

Financial Express Online :

The online division of The Financial Express can be read at www.financialexpress.com. This site features the most up to date articles on business, economy, finance, money markets as well as stocks.

Financial Express epaper :

The epaper format of The Financial Express is free and has exclusive features on the stocks and also company related information. The site is regularly updated and has the latest information on business and economy.Read Financial Express epaper at http://epaper.financialexpress.com/

The Financial Express
Financial Express Archives :

The archives for the print edition of the newspaper are accessible online from the year 2000.They can be viewed from the portal www.expressindia.com

Contact Details :

For advertising and other enquiries you can contact the following address.

The Editor,
The Indian Express Online Media (Pvt) Ltd
9&10, Bhadur Shah Zafar Marg,
Express Building, ITO
New Delhi -110002

Fax : + 91-11-23702141
e-mail : editor@expressindia.com
Phone number : + 91-9891968097

Mumbai Mirror

Mumbai Mirror is a renowned newspaper published for distribution mainly in the city of Mumbai. It has a circulation of more than 600,000 copies. The newspaper started its circulation in the year 2005 on May 30. It is being published by the Times group of publications. The Times of India daily newspaper is another well know publication of the Times group.

History of Mumbai Mirror Newspaper :

The Mumbai Mirror was launched in the year 2005 on May 29 by the Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Vilasrao Deshmukh at the historical Gateway of India. Famous Bollywood icon Abishek Bachchan was also present during the launch of the compact newspaper. The Times group had launched the Mumbai Mirror in response to the entry of Hinustan Times and DNA into the Mumbai market. The paper was strongly advertised and a big publicity campaign was launched by the sister networks like The Times of India, Radio Mirchi and Bombay Times.

Mumbai Mirror also has it sister editions in Bangalore, Pune and Ahmedabad. The Mumbai Mirror showed an initial slowdown in its sales. The Times of India devised a scheme by which the Mumbai Mirror will be available to Times of India readers without any added cost. But after some time Times of India raised its rates to compensate the expense of Mumbai Mirror.

The paper is owned by Bennett Coleman and Co. Ltd.

Mumbai Mirror Archives :

The archives in Mumbai Mirror are available from the year 2011. The site http://www.indiatimes.com/seoarchive can be viewed for all articles related to news entertainment, sports, politics and finance from 2011.

Mumbai Mirror Website :

The Mumbai mirror can be viewed online at the site http://www.mumbaimirror.com/ and also at http://www.indiatimes.com/. All news related to finance, politics, movies and latest sensational news can be read online at this site. The online site of Times of India ranks fifth in the highest visited news media from the US.

Mumbai Mirror Epaper :

Times of India were the first in the Asia Pacific region to introduce electronic newspaper. There are numerous advertising options that are viable and as effective as the physical newspaper. The interactivity present gives an instant communication module that cannot be imagined before. An education portal is also available with the epaper edition.

Mumbai Mirror newspaper

Contact Details :

For enquiries related to advertising, and other trade enquiries you can contact the following address.

I-World Tower,
DLF Golf Course Road,
DLF City Phase V,
Gurgaon, Haryana 122002
Phone Number:
+91 124 418 7000


Janathavani is basically a Private Sector Organization that provides services related to paper, publishing and also printing. It has a modest turnover of about 10 crores annually. The employee strength ranges from 10 to over 50 in number.

It is published in the state of Karnataka from the Davangeree city. The editor in chief of the publication company is Mr. H.N. Shadhaksharappa. The newspaper is in Kannada language and is a daily newspaper. The newspaper has a huge presence in the state of Karnataka and publishes news that has local flavor, as well as national news.

The paper has an international page that gives international news too. Local culture, art, festivals and other religious news are also featured prominently in the newspaper. The newspaper also has pages devoted to sports news and a government page that has all the announcements that are made by the local state government. The head office is situated in Davangree in Karnataka state and the newspaper started its publication in the year 1974. Since its inception it has carved a name for itself in the Kannada language publications in the state.

Janathavani Online :

Janathavani has an online presence and readers can enjoy the local news as well as international news that are published in Janthavani online, at the official website of the publication house at the site www.janatavani.com. All contents related to current affairs, local news, politics, media and finance and sports can be read here. Media news and the latest Bollywood news can also be read here.

Janthavani Epaper :

Janathavani has also an epaper publication that can be viewed online at the site http://www.janathavani.com. The registration for viewing the epaper is not needed and the cost is also free. By creating your own account on the website at the epaper site, you can get your daily news edition of the epaper free for reading.

Janathavani Archives :

The archives of Janthavani can be viewed at the online site www.janathavani.com. All national and international news, and current affairs of state published in the newspaper can be read in the archives.

Contact Details :

For contacting the headquarters of the newspaper, the following address can be used

326, Dixit Road, Kasturba Extension
Davangree – 577002
Karnataka , India
For enquiries regarding advertisement and newspaper articles the following number can be contacted.
Tel: +91-8192-254736, 231016
Fax: +91-8192-254609

For sharing any news about your locality or the neighborhood you can contact the publication at the mail address given below.

Email: janathavani@mac.com
Website : www.janathavani.com

Hindustan Times Newspaper

Hindustan Times Newspaper is a widely read newpaper that is published daily. It is one of the most popularly read newspapers in India with respect to the circulation. In northern India it is the most commonly read newspaper.

History of Hindustan Times Newspaper :

Founded in 1924, Hinduatan Times also called as HT, is a daily published English Newspaper in India. The Indian independence struggle nurtured the paper in its early days. Hindustan in Hindi language refers to the historical name given to India. The paper is published under HT Media Ltd.

In realtion to the circulation as of 2010, it is the largest newspaer in India. According to the Indian Readership Survey (IRS)2012, Hindustan Times ranked second, as the most read newspaper with Times of India taking the first place.

The newspaper includes editions from Mumbai, Lucknow, Kolkata, Ranchi, Patna, Chandigarh and Bhopal. It has many sister publications like the Mint, which is a business daily, Kadambani, a montly leterary publication and Hindustan Nandan, which is a children’s magazine issued monthly. The newspaper is owned by KK Birla, who belongs to the famous Birla group in Inida. The Hindi language publication called as Hindustan, is also a widely read newspaper in Northern India.

Hindustan Times Online :

The various news articles and information published in the newspaper can be viewed online too by visiting the website Hindustantimes.com

Hindustan Times epaper :

The Hindustan Times epaper is available freely in English and can be viewed by going to http://epaper.hindustantimes.com/. Registration will be needed.

Hindustan Times Newspaper
Hindustan Times Archives :

The archives can be viewed by going to the site http://blogs.hindustantimes.com/archives/. The site has archives dating from 2010 and there are various blog articles too.

Contact Details :

The company makes sure that it is accessible to all people 24/7 and across various different locations and regions.

The corporate office address:

HT Media Limited
Park Centra Building
7th floor
Sector-30, Delhi-Jaipur Highway,
Gurgaon – 122001
Board no: +91-124-3954700

Registered office :

HT Media Limited
Hindustan Times House
18-20, Kasturba Gandhi Marg
New Delhi – 110 001, India

Customers can also contact via email throught he following address:

Email: feedback@hindustantimes.com
Contact phone number and fax details are:
Phone : +91-11-23361234
Fax : +91-11- 66561270

Customer service can be contacted at the following phone numbers.

Customer Service – Delhi & NCR
Ph : +91 – 11 – 60004242 (09.00am – 06.00pm, Mon-Sat)
Email : customerservice@hindustantimes.com
Customer Service – Mumbai
Ph : +91 – 22 – 67764242 (09.00am – 06.00pm, Mon-Sat)
Email : subscription@hindustantimes.com

Gujarat Today

Gujarat Today newspaper is a paper that has a huge circulation in the daily newspaper category in the state of Gujarat in India. The newspaper is a regional newspaper that is published in Gujarati language. The Lokhit Prakashan Sarvajanik trust takes care of the publication of the Gujarat Today newspaper. The editor of the paper is Aziz Tankarvi. The headquarters of the regional language paper is in Ahmedabad and is located at Shah-e-Alam.

Gujarat Today :

Gujarat Today is a newspaper that has been published for the Muslim population of Gujarat. It is regarded to be very liberal in its outlook. It is one of the most prominent Guajarati newspapers and has over 50,000 copies circulated in the state, as well as all over the country. The circulation covers all parts of the country and more in the state of Gujarat.

The newspaper is governed by a Non Government Organization called as Lok-Hit Sarvajanik Trust. The trust in addition to looking after the publication of the newspaper, also involves itself in various charitable activities and programs like providing free education, employment assistance, free medical aid, rehabilitation and various other activities that give needed help to the poor and downtrodden section of the society. For helping with the charity movement of the trust interested people can contact the trust officials at www.lokhitmovement.com . The donations given to the trust will be exempted under the Income tax law 80.

Gujarat Today News Paper Online :

The online presence of Gujarat Today can be seen by visiting the site http://www.gujarattoday.in/.The site features all the news that is published in the local daily paper. You can find current affairs, political news, sports, finance, media and other international news features in the online edition. All the latest current news will be present in the Gujarati language.

Gujarat Today epaper :

The epaper edition of the Guajarati daily is also available online. Interested readers can access the site at http://epaper.gujarattoday.in/. The registration for the access is not needed for this newspaper and the epaper edition can be read free of cost.

Gujarat Today Epaper
Gujarati Today Archives :

The archives of the newspaper can be viewed at the site http://www.gujarattoday.in/. All the past editions of the paper can be viewed. News related to current affairs and local new as well as international news can be read in the Guajarati language.

Contact Details :

For enquires related to the newspaper and its charitable activities you can contact

Gujarat Today
33/A, Shah-E-Aalam,
Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
Pin. : 380 028.

Phone : +91 – 79 – 25320330, 25320431, 25328825
Fax : +91 – 79 – 25358060, 25326273
Emails : contact@lokhitmovement.com , info@gujarattodaydaily.com

Deccan Chronicle

Deccan Chronicle is a daily newspaper that is based in Andhra Pradesh, which is the Telugu language speaking state of India. It was launched in the year 1938 in Hyderabad and is now the leading newspaper in Andhra Pradesh. It also holds the honor of taking the fourth place in the most read daily papers in English language published in India.

Deccan Chronicle :

After gaining popularity in Andhra Pradesh, Deccan Chronicle entered the Chennai market in the year 2005. The response to the newspaper in Chennai was spectacular. In just three months of being launched it held sway over nearly half of the English daily newspaper market in Chennai. This incredible upward trend is still continuing now.

The Deccan Chronicle has established a loyal reader club that view the news on politics, business, current affairs and other features with interest. The society pages that deal with art, culture, fashion, lifestyle and films are also avidly read by readers. The publication has a dedicated and ardent team of journalists, who understand the desires of the readers and relate the news accordingly.

Together with its sister publication Asian Age, Deccan Chronicle has done a record printing of over 70,000 copies in an hour. The escalating sales in Chennai from nil number to 2, 95,326 within a year of its inception stand testimony to the remarkable growth of the paper. The circulation in cities like Delhi, Mumbai and Hyderabad also mirror the stupendous success of the editorial team and the marketing strategy employed by the group. The newspaper has supplements like TV guide, Chennai Chronicle, Bengaluru Chronicle and Sunday Chronicle.

The group is owned by the Deccan Chronicle Holdings Limited. It is published from Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. T. Venkattram Reddy and T. Vinayak Ravi Reddy are the co owners of the paper and also hold the franchise for the IPL Deccan Chargers team

Deccan Chronicle Web Presence :

The latest news published in Deccan chronicle can be read online from the site www.deccanchronicle.com  .The news appears exactly as read on the normal physical paper.

Deccan Chronicle epaper :

The epaper edition of Deccan Chronicle is also available for online readers. It is free but requires the reader to register before viewing the epaper contents online. The site http:/www.dc-epaper.com can be reached for reading the epaper of Deccan Chronicle.

Deccan Chronicle Epaper
Contact Details :

The people at Deccan Chronicle are always ready to help with enquiries and requests and can be contacted at the Corporate Office in the following address:

Deccan Chronicle Holding Limited
36, Sarojini Devi Road,
Secunderabad-500 003
Phone: 040- 27803930
Fax; (040)27803870 (advt)
Email at advt@deccanmail.com

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